Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Perform Showcase

Who says presentations have to be PowerPoint and paper handouts. How about a responsive web app instead?

This digital takeaway featured a year-end summary and roadmap as a responsive web application. Perform Showcase featured screenshots, concepts and links to further information for meeting attendees.

Perform Showcase: Desktop/presentation view.
Perform Showcase: Responsive design.
Perform Showcase: Graphic header collapses as the page scrolls.

In addition to covering recent development on the Perform product the presentation featured progress on R&D projects utilizing real-time 3d and mobile technologies:

Perform Showcase: Explore building assemblies in 3d, with animation, by manipulating the model on your screen.
Perform Showcase: Mobile-Friendly Web Applications - Lightweight, focused tools that do one thing well.

About Perform

Perform, a web application for delivering the recommendations of building scientists and architects – Website team lead: Managed and designed user interfaces including front-end development, and managed rewrite of major custom software component

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