Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Modular Interior Design and Production

As with many large-scope, independently published games, this one is still in progress. Here I’d like to share my work designing and building a modular environment kit for one of the game’s factions. The requirements list was short and sweet: Sleek and modern, with a monochrome color pallete.

 Filed under: Concept Design, Game Design

VR Interface Concept for Data Application

Visuals created to explore the possibility for the user to “swim” around and explore data.

 Filed under: Interface, Concept Design

Dorm Room Illustrations

Dorm Room IllustrationHigh resolution images created for a printed brochure. Furniture was created to match supplied photography.

 Filed under: Illustration, 3d design

Prominence Developer Chat: Art & Design

Prominence concept artConcept artist and designer Gary Ritchie joins Digital Media Workshop’s Mike Morrison for a look behind the scenes at the making of the environments and technology of Prominence.

 Filed under: Announcement, Concept Design

Perform - Web Application

Perform, now marketed to the nations top-20 residential homebuilders, comprises three components: A custom auditing tool for managing construction quality and risk; a learning management system serving residential construction courseware used to train sales and site supervisors; and an extensive library of illustrated residential construction documentation.

 Filed under: Interface, UI/UX Design

3d-Printed Raspberry Pi Case

Game art prop design turned computer case via 3d printing.

 Filed under: 3d design, Concept Design