Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Virtual Bookstore

Barnes & Noble College BooksellersClient: Barnes & Noble College Booksellers
Project Type: 3d Visualization
Deliverable: Still renders in 1080 HD

 Filed under: 3d design, Illustration

Cal U Aerial Flyover Extended

CalU, Adamson StadiumExtended aerial flyover for Cal U’s Adamson Stadium, striking a balance between realism and a cost-effective execution.

 Filed under: Animation, 3d design

Traveler's Guide To Mars

Traveler's Guide To MarsThe Traveler’s Guide to Mars is a 20-minute dome show produced for the Carnegie Science Center. I provided 3d modeling, texturing, and compositing as well as project management and a couple of pipeline tools to help support the thousands of frames of animation produced by our team.

 Filed under: Compositing, 3d design

Hot & Spicy!

Food Science: Hot and SpicyThree short medical-viz style segments produced for On-Networks show Food Science.

 Filed under: 3d design, Animation

Coal Purification Visualized

The heart of the coal purification processThis industrial process animation visually describes the CresTechnologies unique method of coal purification, and the resulting financial and environmental benefits, at a high level.

 Filed under: 3d design, Animation

Treating Water in 3d

Interactive 3dThis interactive sales tool was primarily created for use in a trade show booth for display on a wide-aspect plasma screen. It will also be used by the company’s sales team to present the product to potential buyers.

 Filed under: Interface, 3d design