Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Dorm Room Illustrations

Dorm Room IllustrationHigh resolution images created for a printed brochure. Furniture was created to match supplied photography.

 Filed under: Illustration, 3d design

3d-Printed Raspberry Pi Case

Game art prop design turned computer case via 3d printing.

 Filed under: 3d design, Concept Design

Home of Innovation

Heating and cooling system renderManaged a team of artists, developed 3d models, surfacing, storyboards, animation, compositing and render pipeline for large-format prints and high-definition animations.

 Filed under: Compositing, 3d design

Eaton Power Solutions

Eaton Corp. - Power SolutionsIllustrations used in helping promote Eaton Corporation’s integrated power solutions.

 Filed under: Illustration, 3d design

Unnatural Rubber intro animationClient provided storyboards showing key aspects and explained the desired behavior for this web site intro animation.

 Filed under: Animation, 3d design

Chili Cookoff

Chili Cookoff animationAnimated intro/outtro sequence for a chili cookoff event. Client supplied layered Photoshop file. Animation provided in 720p HD format.

 Filed under: 3d design, Animation