Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Home of Innovation

Heating and cooling system renderManaged a team of artists, developed 3d models, surfacing, storyboards, animation, compositing and render pipeline for large-format prints and high-definition animations.

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Rotoscoping for Stop-Motion Film

Adding a water effect to supplied background plateOver 1200 frames contained strings, wires, and wooden supports that needed to be painted out. Basic compositing was also provided for an exterior establishing shot to enhance the water effect.

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Traveler's Guide To Mars

Traveler's Guide To MarsThe Traveler’s Guide to Mars is a 20-minute dome show produced for the Carnegie Science Center. I provided 3d modeling, texturing, and compositing as well as project management and a couple of pipeline tools to help support the thousands of frames of animation produced by our team.

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Farsighted Compositing Tests

Far Sighted compostingCompositing tests for independent film Far Sighted.

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