Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Typeface: Coales Black

Coales Black, version 0.5This is a revival of the type specimin found in my remake of the Save Light, Save Coal poster by Phillip Coles.

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Name Your Ducks in a Row

Name your files!This is the first in a series of articles on how, as a freelancer, I have improved and optimized some of the more mundane aspects of running my design business.

Repeat business is a blessing for any business owner. But when you are asked to retrieve a project that you worked on 2 years ago you get this sinking feeling inside.

Here, I outline my file naming convention, archival, and retrieval strategy…

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“Ghost” Prototype

first prototypeAfter months of sculpting and client reviews I was finally able to hold the 3d printout in my hands.

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