Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Home of Innovation

Heating and cooling system renderManaged a team of artists, developed 3d models, surfacing, storyboards, animation, compositing and render pipeline for large-format prints and high-definition animations.

In addition to managing a small team of artists, my duties included 3d modeling, surfacing and texturing, storyboards, animation, compositing and maintaining the render pipeline.


A series of animations were created for marketing and promotions as well as for the exhibit spaces.

Performance Area, Large-format Display Illustrations

A series of four high-resolution renderings were provided for printing in large format. Due to the dimension requirements and schedule, AWS spot instances were utilized for a low-cost, on-demand, render farm that help me and my small team deliver on time and under budget.

Heating and cooling system render
Heating and cooling system render. One of four systems illustrating the high-performance aspects of the Home of Innovation.
An early comp exploring render style.

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