Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

New IGDA Pittsburgh logo unveiled

The Pittsburgh chapter of the International Game Developers Association announced their pick for the logo contest…

And the winner is…

IGDA Pittsburgh identity

For this project I took a similar approach to designing a corporate division of a parent company. I would build on the existing identity — tagging on a modifier for the Pittsburgh chapter that softly said Pittsburgh, in the already established, clean language, of the existing mark.

There are a few differences between my contest submission and the final art I provided. Namely the type used for pgh needed to match the face used for igda. Additionally the glyphs were further tweaked to match — either the face I used is not a complete match or the outlines in igda were slightly altered to give a unique look.

Credit is due to the designer of the IGDA logo. If you know who this is please let me know.

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