Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Prominence, Environment and Prop Design

Prominence Game: Data Archives environmentEnvironment and prop design for Digital Media Workshop’s award-winning sci-fi adventure, Prominence.


Skyway: Early corridor concept which went on to define much of the look for the Skyway environment. Skyway elevation drawings.
Skyway: Support structure 3d model.
Skyway: In-game screenshot.
Prominence Game: Data Archives environment
Data Archives: Environment layout and data array prop.
Data Archives: In-game screenshot.
Central Computer Control
Central Computer Control: Core
Central Computer Control: Entry
Central Computer Control: Core, in-game screenshot.
Central Computer Control: Entry, in-game screenshot.


Storage crate concept and 3d model.
Workstation chair concept and 3d model.
Communication terminal concept
Communication terminal concept.
Communication terminal sample render
Communication terminal sample render.
Air recycler and fire-suppression systems.
Door design; animation sequence.

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