Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

Modular Interior Design and Production

As with many large-scope, independently published games, this one is still in progress. Here I’d like to share my work designing and building a modular environment kit for one of the game’s factions. The requirements list was short and sweet: Sleek and modern, with a monochrome color pallete.

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VR Interface Concept for Data Application

Visuals created to explore the possibility for the user to “swim” around and explore data.

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Prominence Developer Chat: Art & Design

Prominence concept artConcept artist and designer Gary Ritchie joins Digital Media Workshop’s Mike Morrison for a look behind the scenes at the making of the environments and technology of Prominence.

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3d-Printed Raspberry Pi Case

Game art prop design turned computer case via 3d printing.

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Prominence, Environment and Prop Design

Prominence Game: Data Archives environmentEnvironment and prop design for Digital Media Workshop’s award-winning sci-fi adventure, Prominence.

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Visual Storytelling using Inkscape

The following series of instructional videos were created for my Computer Lab students at Yeshiva Schools. The objective of this project was to develop new Inkscape skills while telling a story, sequential-art style.

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